About Us

Christian Leadership Network (C L N) is a Christian Non-Profit Organization made up of a group of Christian leaders with the aim of growing leaders and serving the communities.
We believe that when leaders develop and strengthened in faith and wisdom, the congregation develop and grow along. It is for this reason that we have created Christian Leadership Network – a network of creativity and vision for church leaders  and those who desire to lead, to share with you regular guidance, knowledge and means to help you develop strong and enthusiastic churches and communities.
Christian Leadership Network believes that all Christians have the same agenda; we are the same team and the same leadership working to glorify the kingdom of God.
In all that we do, we want to be a body in individual Christians, and make sure local churches are:
  • Encountering God
  • Inspiring confidence in the good news of Jesus Christ
  • Transforming people, communities and culture in the power of the Holy Spirit
 Become a member of Christian Leadership Network now and enjoy:
  • Live and shared interviews with church leaders
  • Free resources and publications
  • Sharing your church activities and programs with members
  • Reductions on resources for you and your church
  • Local and International leaders’ networking opportunities

Vision, Mission & Values