Member Benefits

 The Christian Leadership Network membership program allows Christian leaders to connect on a global network that aims to provide valuable insight about christian  leadership and its contribution to the community. As a member, individuals will gain opportunities to build on leadership skills, thus giving them the competitive edge they need to succeed both physical and spiritual. 

As a member you will benefit from:

  • Local and International Networking

Talk to the right people when you need to and share knowledge and best practice with peers. Members enjoy the benefits of being able to connect and communicate with their fellow members. This membership benefit allows our members to further grow their network and develop even more as Leaders.
  • Free and discounted events and workshops

CLN national and international  events can help you share information and connect at every level in the Christian community. As a member you will be entitle to a free and discounted  rates on events and educational programs.  Members also have access to information of upcoming national and international events.
  • Access to online membership directory


  • Training and Capability building

As a member, you will benefit from CLN organize discounted training and free unique courses to improve your skills and knowledge. 


  • Mentoring program

This program encourages our members to forge relationships with one another. The mentor program is extremely effective and beneficial for both the mentor and the mentee. CLN Mentorship program pair up members who have similar interests, industries, and sometimes geographically even more close to one another.
  • Volunteer opportunities

Christian Leadership Network members get the chance to involve in supporting an important cause while gaining professional experience. You can get the opportunity to learn new skills depending on the volunteer position that you take on. These new skills can then be transferred to your resume which further will benefit your profession.
  • Free Legal Advice Services

Life’s twists and turns often require us to turn to an attorney for advice. Local (Ghana) Member can speak with a CLN attorney about non-employment matters at no charge. If the problem or concern requires further assistance from an attorney, the Legal Referral Program may be able to provide you with the name of a local lawyer who will provide a free consultation and may also give a discount to CLN members. CLN legal legal advice is mainly for church-related and religious matters.

Speak to a membership advisor: