Farming has been one of the major economic back bones of the rural folks in Ghana. Even now it is very common to see graduates and civil servants entering into farming. The vision of these farmers is to get the best yield from their farming operations. Nevertheless, the number of extension officers in the country as well as the various districts doesn’t make it possible for their services to be accessed by most farmers. Farming has therefore become a trial and error game for our peasant and sometimes commercial farmers.
Okuani Trace Up, a TV program by Christian Leadership Network, identifies series of farmers and support them with all the necessary farming expertise. We guide them on selection of land, seeds, and other basic necessities to start farming. During planting, we guide farmers on the right spacing for various plants and seeds. Our extension team also supports farmers with knowledge on fertilizer application, pruning, application of weedicides and herbicides, and other best farming practices. 
After harvesting, our team help these farmers to get the right price for their produce. Our aim is to support the effect of the Government, Ministry of Agriculture and other Stakeholder to ensure that every grain of produce from our farmers is bought, farmers job is profitable and the world has enough to feed us all. We are there for the good of every farmer and the world.  For partnership on Okuani Trace Up TV series, please contact us below.

Program Objectives

  • Education

    Very educative and information sharing. Showing how we get our food and those who help produce them are more than education to encourage more youth to appreciate the need to start a farming business.

  • Entertainment

    Our farmer's participants are happy to be part of this incredible program. This program Highlights what they do every day as well as providing them with the most important needed information to help them increase their profitability and good practices.

  • Economic Benefit

    Taken advantage of information technology to educate farmers on a wide variety of farming methods of farming as well as showcase their works to the world helps increase the visibility of rural farmers and put them in a position to market their products to a larger market.

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