Policies, Terms and Conditions

Christian Leadership Network (C L N) is a Christian Non-Profit Organization made up of a group of Christian leaders with the aim of growing leaders and serving the communities.In all we do we guide ourselves with our christian values as well as  our policies. 
As a member of Christian Leadership Network, I agree to the following terms and conditions:

Terms and Conditions


Quality Administration
Every allied church or body of our network shall comply with Christian and spiritual best practices and standards, by administering quality services to enhance members’ religious and economic lives.
Membership Certification
Every member shall be entitled to an Original Certificate of Membership from the Network’s.
Admission for Membership
Any applicant (church or individual) may be admitted as a member of the Network upon the approval of the membership committee, having met the requirements for membership as an individual or a church.
The Network’s annual general meeting holds in any country where the Association is functional and active with activities like seminars, workshops, exhibitions, conferences, etc. International annual general meetings are also held for the benefit of members globally.
The Network has areas of expertise/ specialisation as mini –divisions where members can belong to and contribute their ideas and experiences for the purpose of supporting in members’ development and growth.  Mini-Divisions may include:
  • The Leadership Development in The Church and Communities (LDCC)
  • Rural Entrepreneurship Training Program (RETP)
  • Marriage and Family Ministry Leadership
  • Christian Youth Entrepreneurship